Mobiu Co., Ltd is originated from a compound word of mobile and Utopia and means ‘Convenient World for Free Movement’.

“EZpole”, a portable/wearable IV Pole Stand where innovative idea and ergonomic design are applied appears in the world.

Wearable IV pole (EZpole) is a product that helps free movement and quick recovery of patients in IV hospital.

CareThumb(Stop Sucking Thumb Device) is a product that corrects baby’s sucking habits in a natural way.

CareThumb is a product that makes your child’s health, safety and finger movements easier.

Both EZpole and CareThumb are innovative and ergonomically designed.

Mobiu Co., Ltd promises to become a corporation that endeavor to develop the most advanced products that are further innovative and that users can conveniently use for the improvement of the mankind’s quality of life.

Kim, Hyung Seok / CEO

Mobiu Co., Ltd.

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