Who can use “EZpole”, a Wearable IVĀ  Pole

- Patients with only IV administration.

- Patients receiving pain-killer injection after surgery.

- Patients in and out of cancer treatment(i.c.,chemotherapy)

- Children under IV administration(EZpole to be worn by accompanying adult)

- Inpatient without a guardian or caregiver.

- Patients during a light exercise or walk after surgery or meal.

- Patients receiving IV(for Nutrient Therapy) and other short-term IV administration.

- Patients treated at home.


Product Features, “EZpole”

-Ergonomic design.

- Maximize Patients Mobility.

- Adjustable to fit various body size/types.

(epuipped with large/middle/small size suitable for the Shoulder)

- Easy to wear/take off alone.

- Frees both hands.

- Comfotable to wear for an extended period by distributing weight.

- Accommodates IV in 500ml, 1000ml PVC types and 500ml Bottle Type.

- IV containers safely mounted at three points to prevent shaking/rocking.

- Can be worn on either left/right shoulder.

- Excellent wearable feeling by applying the most advanced triple soft pad,

- Easy to Assemble/Disassemble/Maintain.

- Built with Strong and Lightweight plastic material (PP : Polypropylene).

- Super-Light Weight (weight:400g)


Revolutionary “EZpole”, a Wearable IV pole

- Minimizes needs for patients assistance.

- Helps patients rapid recovery.

- Less-Congested elevators.

- Prevents IV Bag from falling accidentally.

- Minimizes Plasma backflow.

- Enhances hospital’s image.

- Improves bed turn-rate.





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