Wearable I.V Pole

- No need to Push/haul around IV pole to move around.

- Patients under IV administration can go anywhere – corridor, elevatot, toilet, and in-and-out of h0spital – all alone!

- Comfortable to wear for an extended period by ergonomically distributing weight.

- Accommodates IV in 500ml, 1000ml PVC type and 500ml Bottle Type.

- IV containers mounted safely at three points to prevent shaking/rocking.

- Patients can take a light exercise after surgery and meal.

- Major parts of EZpole: Shoulder, Shoulder Pole, IV Holder
- A triple structure of soft pad at the shoulder/armpit which the most advanced materials are applied.
- Main Strap and Under-arm Strap to simply adjust the length of a strap.
- “Felt pocket” to conveniently keep product.
- Disposable Cover available for patients hygiene. (Shoulder soft pad, Maint Strap, Under-arm Strap).

“EZpole”, a Wearable IV pole  won 『2012 Reddot Design Award』 in the “Reddot Design Award, M/P product sector” in Germany which is one of the Top-3 Design Awards in the world together with IF in Germany, IDEA in America.


1.   One Mimute News




2. Video to show ‘Where to use in the hospital’



2. Video to show ‘How to use’






Who can use “EZpole”, a Wearable IV  Pole

- Patients with only IV administration.
- Patients receiving pain-killer injection after surgery.
- Inpatient without a guardian or caregiver.
- Patients during a light exercise or walk after surgery or meal.
- Patients receiving IV(for Nutrient Therapy) and other short-term IV administration.
- Patients treated at home.

Product Features, ”EZpole”
-Eergonomic design.
- Easy to wear/take off alone.
- Comfotable to wear for an extended period by distributing weight.
- Accommodates IV in 500ml, 1000ml PVC types and 500ml Bottle Type.
- IV containers safely mounted at three points to prevent shaking/rocking.
- Can be worn either left/right shoulder.
- Excellent wearable feeling by applying the most advanced triple soft pad,
- Easy to assemble/disassemble/maintain.
- Built with Strong and Lightweight plastic material (PP)(weight:400g).

Revolutionary ”EZpole”, a Wearable IV pole 
- Helps patients rapid recovery.
- Less-Congested elevators.
- Prevents IV Bag from falling accidentally.
- Minimizes Plasma backflow.
- Enhances hospital’s image.
- Improves bed turn-rate.

Wearable I.V Pole
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Wearable I.V Pole

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