- Carethumb uses a natural way to correct children’s thumb

sucking behavior.

- Ergonomic Design to allow full movement of the fingers

as well as wearing comfort.

- Improve development of the child’s sense of touch.

- Improve development of healthy teeth growth.

- Protects the thumb.


Product specifications

- Ergonomic design with thumb’s inner opening.

- Thumb cover and wrist band are made of single piece.

- BPA Free, No color, No smell, 100% silicon

- Able to wear on either hands

- Compatible with Carethumb+Finger



- Please allow sufficient time so infants can gets used to the CareThumb.(3~4 weeks)

- Adjust wrist band according to the child’s wrist.

- Please keep Carethumb available as long as children may re-exhibit

the thumb sucking behavior.

- Please wash and fully dry Carethumb onec or more every day.

- Boiling Carethumb for more than 60 seconds is not recommend.

- Please store away from direct sunlight

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